SafeScope™ Sigmoidoscope

Fundamentally, the centre of the SafeScope™. Its optical window eliminates the chance of cross-contamination to the light source. The Coupling Device negates the need to sterilise the light source after each standard procedure.

SafeScope Sigmoidoscope

SafeScope Sigmoidoscope

Unique features of SafeScope™

  • The only scope able to keep the light source head clear of debris and cross-contamination.
  • The unique Coupling Device Adaptor gives the user an uninterrupted view of the rectal mucosa.
  • Utilises the concept of disposable bulb and tubing attached to the scope shaft, rather than light source head, removing the risk of crosscontamination.
  • Tear-down poly bag doubles as a 'dirty bag' for scope disposal after use.
  • Instruction Sheet included in every pack.

The integrated bulb & tubing

  • Allows for easy inflation of the colon without cross-contamination. Tubing and bulb are part of the sealed system.
  • All light source heads fit the SafeScope™. In the event of specimen retrieval, the adaptor may be taken away and the scope used in the conventional method, with the advantage of a disposable bulb and tubing.
  • This system allows for greater longevity of the light source head by avoiding the need for sterilisation after each use.
SafeScope Sigmoidoscope