Haemoband® Ligators

The Haemoband gun is ready to use straight from the airtight, clean bag. There are no spare parts to lose, find or fit and the only extra equipment you need is a proctoscope and some suction.

Because the gun is pre-loaded, already clean and can be used single-handed, the time taken for a typical ligation procedure can be reduced from 20 minutes to between 2 and 4 minutes for the banding of up to 3 haemorrhoids, therefore improving patient comfort considerably.

The simplicity of Haemoband's design makes the ligation procedure easier for patients, nurses and surgeons. It has been designed by surgeons for surgeons, so it's completely fit for purpose.

The Haemoband is one of the most cost effective multi-ligators on the market. Its disposability means that there is no need for sterilisation equipment and no need to invest in costly permanent tools.

Haemoband Ligators